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.30 ETH

Limited-edition 3 piece digital collection

Inspired by Paul Gauguin, Salvador Dalí  and Greek Mythology.

Sale on Opensea begins @ 12:00pm EST Sunday September 19th  

The Influences NFT Ticket is the first ever digital collaboration from RubenFro + Sutu.  

Each NFT will be priced at 0.3 eth and limited to only 60 pcs

ʘ  Gauguin - 60 pcs. 

ʘ  Dalí  - 60 pcs. 

ʘ  Hermès - 60 pcs. 

NFT holders will have VIP access to both days of the Influences experience 

3 piece digital collection

Limited Edition





RubenFro X Sutu |Dalí

Available on Opensea
RubenFro X Sutu |Gauguin
Available on Opensea
RubenFro X Sutu |Hermès
Available on Opensea


RubenFro X Sutu

Inspired by  messenger of the gods, the god of wealth, eloquence, language, and the inventor of the lyre.


RubenFro X Sutu

 Influential figure int 20th-century modern at and pioneer of the symbolist art movement. This piece is inspired by Gauguin’s experimental use of color.


RubenFro X Sutu

This piece is inspired Spanish surrealist artist famous for his exploration of subconscious imagery. Inspired by the Mae West room the Dali Theatre-Museum, Spain

The Mynt NFTs include:

Limited edition NFT art

Own a NFT from the very first Sutu x RubenFro "Influences" collection.

Influences party access

October 8th + VIP access to "Influences" the Party. 

Headlined by a roster of international artists.

Opening night access to exhibition

Exclusive opportunity to attend the "Influences" Vernissage on Thursday, October 7th. 

Includes open bar & small plates.

Worldwide art display

Opportunity to showcase digital artwork’s collected from Influences as part of The Mynt’s public art display in NYC and Barcelona

The Influences giftbag

Influences limited-edition merchandise

Access to artwork pre-sales

Ability to access the "Influences" NFT pre-sale - featuring new works created exclusively for the experience.

The Mynt NFTs

Our NFTs are more than just pixels, they are a gateway into a community of creators and collectors that are exploring the metaverse.


Influences: Immersive NFT Exhibition.

October 7 - 10

Brooklyn, NY

Art Basel: Crypto Flowers

December 1 - 4

Miami, FL


September, 2022


SXSW: Immersive NFTs

March 11 - 13

Austin, TX


November 1 - 6

New York City, NY

TBA* Conference

June 11 - 13 / 2022

Austin, TX

Influences: Lisbon

October 23

Lisbon, Portugal

Flowers In The Metaverse TBA*

May 2022


Influences: Immersive NFT Exhibition

February 10 - 13

Los Angeles, CA

Crypto Flowers: The Garden

January 20 - 23

San Francisco, CA

Solo NFT Exhibition by TBA*

April 2022

New York City, NY

Influences: Barcelona

November 19 - 20

Barcelona, Spain

This roadmap outlines our upcoming NFT exhibitions for the fall/winter season. We believe in the utility behind NFTs and are dedicated to working with artists, brands and humans- to envision stories that are beautiful, usable, and collectable. Our tokens unlock access to global experiences outlined in this roadmap.

The Mynt Collection

Through a series of carefully curated events, we elevate NFTs

by adding

digital + physical utility

for creators & collectors

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