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We are actively seeking to fulfill the role of Community Manager.  Contact us let us and let us know about your superpowers!

Community Manager Overview & Role: 


  • Coordinate weekly schedule of artist/community events across the NFT ecosystem.

  • Participate and Host NFT Twitter Spaces, Discord and Clubhouse rooms.​

  • Interact with The Mynt community on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, TikTok, as well as upcoming decentralized social platforms.

  • Create weekly cross-platform games to engage community members.

  • Build and maintain relationships with defined and emerging NFT community leaders.

  • Manage database of IRL connections that are made by The Mynt team members.

  • Participate in weekly Mynt team meetings.

  • Prepare bi-weekly updates regarding the NFT community including:

    • New projects

    • New platforms

    • Inspiring artists

    • New tech

    • Upcoming events

  • Write relevant content regarding the evolution of the NFT space and the intersection of art & tech.


  • Cross-platform engagement

    • eg: use Twitter/ IG to channel to Discord and back.

  • Build relationships with NFT community.

  • proactively engage the community (i.e. be active and chat) field front line questions.

  • ensure community is a safe zone.


  • Admin and upkeep Discord server.

  • Appoint 1-2 active members as mods once server begins populating.

  • Define, create channels.

  • Brainstorm/ create activities for engagement w/ Mynt team.

  • Schedule through socials, etc and host weekly discord live stream of The Mynt IRL experience.

  • Host giveaways from Then Mynt Permanent Co

  • POAP distribution

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • discord-logo.wht


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tz1VVhnSfPZjnyBME5VoepRL1yJ9956NzpBz  - themynt.tez