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Looking for a holiday event and feel fried from the aftermath of NFT NYC and Art Basel?  We have you covered at our Highline Nine NFT Gallery in the Chelsea art district! Let us relieve you of holiday stress and plan the party for you.

We have the opportunity to keep our gallery at the Highline Nine Gallery for the entire month of December!  Everything is set, the location, the tech, interactive art display!  All we need is the guests.  Let's celebrate the end of this incredible year in the web 3.0 space with some of our favorite NFT and DeFi projects while also building community. 

By throwing your event in The Mynt Gallery you will help to cover the cost of tech and space rental. We'll handle everything else.


max capacity 200 guests

immersive interactive you NFTS

Event hours: 6-10

(later start and end times are possible, just contact us!)

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